Monday, December 13, 2010

Temple Eating Tree Quiz

Sadly, my first attempt at posing a quiz on my blog failed miserably.
I still haven't received a single answer after 3 months. Is the subject not something that people would be much interested in? Too easy? Too difficult? I guess as a general practice quizzes should come with a prize for the winning entry, haha. Maybe one day I'll give out one for my quizzes. Anyway let me try and revive this by offering some hints and hope some kind readers is willing to help me with this one so as to maintain my ego.
  • The tree is on the right side of this picture which is the rear gate of this building
  • This whole building is now vacant.
  • The road where is tree can be seen is now closed to traffic.

A wider angle picture.
Near this area but not those 2 street names mentioned on the signboard.


  1. the tree looks like a banyan tree. a banyan tree is also known as a 'walking tree' because it keeps spreading its many trunks. i guess this tree must be in tanjong pagar road.

  2. Yes yg it is in the Tanjong Pagar area. I am looking for answer to the street name where this tree is found.

  3. frankie, i do know where it is exactly but my guess is it is either on yan kit road or craig road.

  4. I recognize the food centre. It is located along Wallich Street opposite International Plaza. I pass by this place often but never notice the temple. Will take a closer look next time I'm there.

  5. Thanks for your participation Yeoman. Yes you are right, the answer is Wallich St. The foodcourt have moved out, the building is vacant now. It is located at the corner of Wallich St and Peck Seah St. I found out that the taller main building was once occupied by one PINKROOM Int'l Nail Academy. Wallich St is now closed to traffic, I guess in preparation for construction work to start. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has awarded the tender for the site covering Peck Seah Street/Choon Guan Street to subsidiaries of GuocoLand Limited for commercial/hotel/residential use.

    And no there isn't any temple there haha. "Temple eating tree" is just the title of my earlier post referring similar occurrence of tree engulfing buildings at Cambodia's Ta Prohm Temple.