Thursday, September 16, 2010

Temple Eating Tree

Last Sunday I had to take my wife to attend a beauty workshop in town. Across the road where I parked my car was this tree which reminded me of Cambodia's Ta Prohm Temple aka the Tomb Raider Temple where trees take roots and encompassed the building.  The temple was built about mid-12th century to early 13th century (1186) by the King Jayavarman VII, dedicated to the mother of the king so the trees are most likely more than 100 years old. Whereas the Ta Prohm is understandably in such a state because it is an ancient ruin, this tree which I came across is right in the heart of town in present day modern Singapore. Why is it left to grow to such a state without intervention is puzzle.

Quizz questions: Where is this tree located?
Hopefully after I reveal the location we can uncover why it is left in this state.

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