Monday, November 21, 2011

More ways to "Chope"

There has been so much discussion and debate about the uniquely Singaporean behavior of "chopping" seats at Food Court and Hawker Centres. "Chope" is a term used in Singapore to mean seat is taken, It is a simple, unwritten rule. Simple because you simply place a packet of tissue paper on the seat you want to reserve. I must say I've note done that. does that make me less Singapore, I wonder? Whenever a discussion is generated in Forums you get lots people expressing unhappiness about such encounter. I am of the view that the people who does that isn't selfish even if they appear to be so. I mean we all know how crowded the popular Food Courts are during peak hours, especially lunch time. Now if you don't do the "Chope" thing before you buy your food you'd be walking around or standing carrying your food tray for awhile. So this is an invention out of necessity. Nothing to be ashamed of. 

"Chope" is also used in the context of reserving something or booking the services of someone. One thing for sure is that when demand is more than supply the ugly Singaporean is likely to "Chope"!

Here is a funny video of a victim of "Choppin". No not in Singapore but a foreign country USA. Maybe some of us can learn a thing or two here. Enjoy!

Headache - Finding a Seat

Definition of “chope”

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