Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What you see is NOT always what you get

Yum yum, feeling hungry already? Now I am not asking which of these two photos of Grilled Salmon looks more inviting nor which photo is better taken. I happened to have dinner at Banquet Food Court at IMM yesterday evening. The first picture (top) is what I see on the menu and the picture on the bottom is what is served. I am sure many of us have experienced this one time or another; the food served appears quite different from what you have ordered (based on the picture on the menu). This really irks me. In this case I was motivated to order this dish because of the vegetable that goes with it - French Beans and Carrots. As you can see what I get is Coleslaw. I did request that French Fries be excluded and I like me greens, so I usually politely ask to have more vegetables in place of the French Fries if possible. The counter girl only explain that they do not serve French Beans and Carrots after I remarked that the vegetables aren't the same as shown on the menu. I really feel that whatever the excuse, the stall holder should at least make known beforehand any deviation from what was advertised. Adding insult to injury, the piece of fish is so thin, very unlike the one on the menu. 
To be fair the Salmon was well prepared and the price was fair.

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