Thursday, December 02, 2010

The most amazing Teh Tarik!

One uniquely Singapore past time is that of enjoying a nice cup of Teh Tarik at our neighborhood sarabat stall with friends at night. Of course some of us prefer ours with ginger juice - Teh Halia (ginger tea). Our fascination with the Indian tea brewer doing the "Teh Tarik" would have faded over time, but you have to watch this Teh Tarik from Thailand. Amazing feat!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Teh tarik (literally "pulled tea" or 拉茶 in Mandarin) is a hot tea beverage which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Its name is derived from the pouring process of "pulling" the drink during preparation. It is made from black tea and condensed milk.

Chatuchak (or Jatujak; Thai: จตุจักร) weekend market in Bangkok is the largest market in Thailand. Frequently called J.J., it covers over 35 acres (1.13 km²) and contains upwards of 5,000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 visitors each day.[1] Most stalls only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals.

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