Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One arm motorcyclist on Pan Island Expressway

Picture taken by my passenger

I was driving along the PIE when I spotted this motorcyclist riding with one arm. His other arm is rested behind his back. Who does he think he is, "One Arm Morotcyclist"? like the "One Arm Swordsman" in the movies with superhuman skills. I can't understand motorcyclists mentality really. Most of them do not care about their own safety. Having motorcyclist weaving dangerously between motorcars is a daily encounter on the roads. They are always trying to get ahead. I drive a double cab van and because of the extra long body visibility of these small vehicles is compromised. I have witnessed so many close shaves by these careless motorcyclist and came across quite a few casualties in my 29 years of driving. I wish motorcyclists are more safety conscious take greater care while on the road, both for their own sake and those of other road users.

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