Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tailor Wax Philosophical

I was passing some HDB shops at Commonwelth Crescent when I came upon this notice stuck outside a tailor shop. The English part is an odd translation from the Chinese verse but I am sure readers should have no difficulties understanding it. Mr tailor certainly have some sense of humour haha..
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Temple Eating Tree

Last Sunday I had to take my wife to attend a beauty workshop in town. Across the road where I parked my car was this tree which reminded me of Cambodia's Ta Prohm Temple aka the Tomb Raider Temple where trees take roots and encompassed the building.  The temple was built about mid-12th century to early 13th century (1186) by the King Jayavarman VII, dedicated to the mother of the king so the trees are most likely more than 100 years old. Whereas the Ta Prohm is understandably in such a state because it is an ancient ruin, this tree which I came across is right in the heart of town in present day modern Singapore. Why is it left to grow to such a state without intervention is puzzle.

Quizz questions: Where is this tree located?
Hopefully after I reveal the location we can uncover why it is left in this state.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong with Nunchaku

This video in black and white, of the Legendary Kungfu master and actor Bruce Lee is making it's round in China and is a hot item on YouTube. I wouldn't be a surprise that Bruce Lee actually could do this but it is most likely editing by computer software. Fake or real it is nevertheless really awesome and entertaining. A Limited Edition of the Nokia N96 mobile phone is featured at the end of the video clip so this could be a Nokia advertisement.

One arm motorcyclist on Pan Island Expressway

Picture taken by my passenger

I was driving along the PIE when I spotted this motorcyclist riding with one arm. His other arm is rested behind his back. Who does he think he is, "One Arm Morotcyclist"? like the "One Arm Swordsman" in the movies with superhuman skills. I can't understand motorcyclists mentality really. Most of them do not care about their own safety. Having motorcyclist weaving dangerously between motorcars is a daily encounter on the roads. They are always trying to get ahead. I drive a double cab van and because of the extra long body visibility of these small vehicles is compromised. I have witnessed so many close shaves by these careless motorcyclist and came across quite a few casualties in my 29 years of driving. I wish motorcyclists are more safety conscious take greater care while on the road, both for their own sake and those of other road users.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dog Event

National Dog Walk & Carnival 2010

Date : 5 September 2010, Sunday
Time : 9am to 7pm
Venue : West Coast Park, Grand Lawn (near McDonald's)
Website : 

Time Events
9.00am Fun Event - Great Minds Think Alike
9.00am Carnival commences
9.30am Dog Demonstration by Police K9 Unit
10.15am Fun Event - Hot Dog Dunk
10.45am Dog Demonstration by SCDF DART Team
11.30am Fun Events - Hot Dog Retrieval
12.00noon Stage Games
12.45pm Fun Events - Snoopy Says
1.00pm Stage Games
2.00pm Competitive Agility Games Challenge 1
2.30pm Competitive Agility Games Challenge 2
3.00pm Competitive Agility Games Challenge 3
5.00pm Family Event - Amazing Race
6.00pm Prize Presentation

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Walking half an hour a day helps keep cancer at bay

According to World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) breast and bowel cancer could be prevented through people being more physically active. WCRF recommends being physically active for at least half an hour a day. “By taking up walking as a hobby or even walking to the shops instead of taking the bus or car, people can make a real difference to their health. People who are regularly active are less likely to be overweight, which is an important cancer risk factor",

So those of you who have a dog, how about taking your beloved K9 out for daily walks if you haven't been doing it. Now there's a reason to do it. No dog? Take your spouse after dinner for a romantic evening stroll.