Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dog's Name

Naming a dog can be easy for some dog owners but for others it can be quite a task. I found that people who read a lot tend to come up with doggy names more easily and are more creative. Some choose names with a great deal of care like choosing a name for a baby while others seems to do it without much thought. This is reflected in the end result. Kids get excited not just about the arrival of puppy but also in choosing a name for their pet.

Some years back I read that "Max" is the most popular name for our beloved canine. Coincidentally my records from 20 odds years training dogs found that to be true even here in Singapore. Certain names are popular with certain races. Other favorites are "Coco", "Cookie", "Pepper", "Bruno", Buddy", "Monty" and "Snowy".  The Japanese likes "Hana" which means Flower (花) and the Koreans like "Sarang" which means Love. I understand that "Diesel" is a popular with farmers in the west. Here in Singapore I remember "Lucky" and "Blackie" were common for our Singapore Specials (mongrel).

Then there are owners who choose to give their K9 friends human names; "Alex", Billy", "Daisy", "Joe", "Lucy", Stanley", I dislike it. I mean how would you feel if someone called out your name in public but they are actually calling their dog? Unfortunately, I do have 2 grooming clients with the name "Frankie".

But seriously, I am of the view that a name ending with "y" or "ie" is a good name to give to your K9 companion. It's got a cheery pitch to it. Also I am for two syllables names and am against mono syllable names. You know people will often shout their dog's name when they are angry with it. It would come out more harsh sounding with a mono syllable name than one with two syllables name ending with that "y" or "ie". By the way please don't scold your dog this way; using the name in a harsh tone. If you have to reprimand your dog use the words "Ahh Ahh" or "No!" instead.

Our friend, blogger Lam Chun See ( have a dog named "Nappie". According to Urban Dictionary Nappie means :
  • A word use in Ireland or UK for a diaper.
  • sleeping in the middle of the day
  • Or a nasty person who does not take care of them selfs with disgusting or greasy hair that is a mess and not taken care of.
I guess it's chosen because puppies like babies takes afternoon naps.

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