Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup predictions - Mani the Parakeet vs Paul the octopus

"Paul" the octopus in Germany say's Spain is gonna win the world cup 2010. Here in Singapore we have "Mani" the parakeet who has become a sort of celebrity status predicting Holland will win. Considering that Paul the Octopus picked Germany to win the Euro 2008 but Spain won, his credibility should somehow have been dented. Being a Singaporean I am betting on our own psychic animal, haha. In a video clip from Reuters ( it is reported "Mani, the seven year old bird from Malaysia......". Singapore viewers in particular are left wondering if that statement is true as otherwise it may leave viewers from other parts of the world confused that Singapore is still part of Malaysia. Singapore broke off from the Federation of Malaysia and became independent in 1965. We celebrate our 45th year of independence this year on the 9th of August. Here is a report from our very own CNA Channel News Asia.

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