Sunday, June 20, 2010

Funny Signs in China

In China, as those who have been there will tell you, the English signboards can be bizarre, wacky and weird.
or Chinglish is Chinese mistranslated or translated into bad or broken English. They can be seen on signboards at Tourist attractions where great number of English-Speaking Tourist go to. The war on mangled English by the authorities have met with little success. Some examples:

"Please take advantage of the chambermaids" on a hotel brochure.

"Carefully Slide" (Be careful of slippery floor)

"Look out , Knock Head" (Watch your head)


On my trip to Shanghai I was on the look out for such signs. These are some funny signs that I found, although not so much the Chinglish type. The notice on top right picture sort of rhyme in Chinese. Translated into English it rhymes too "Come in a rush, go with a flush" lol. Enlarge the other photos and try and spot bad English.
Drinking water dispenser at the Shanghai Expo
Astounded, Confounded, Bewildered? Don't laugh. A mainstay of spoken English "long time no see" is a typical word-for-word translation from a Chinese expression.

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