Friday, May 14, 2010

Singapore opens 2 Casinos

The Singapore government gave the green light for the building of not one but two (2) casinos back in 2005. Despite the global financial crisis in 2008, construction went ahead.

The first casino, the 4.4 billion US-dollar Resorts World Sentosa built by Malaysia's Genting Group was opened for business on February 14 2010. Sales of tickets started at 11.18am. RWS includes four world class hotels, Hard Rock Hotel among them and Universal Studio.

The second casino Marina Bay Sands is a 5.5 billion US dollar complex built by US gaming giant Las Vegas Sands. It was originally set to open at the end of 2009 but faced repeated delays caused by a number of factors, including material and labour shortages and financial problems due to the global economic downturn. Marina Bay Sands opened it's doors at 3:18 pm on Tuesday 27 April 2010. Tuesday's opening includes the casino and 963 out of 2,560 hotel rooms, a portion of the shopping mall, some restaurants, an exhibition centre and the events plaza. The remaining hotel rooms and suites, a skypark and more shops will open on June 23, while a museum, theatres and other stores will start operations later in the year. The government hopes to to attract 17 million visitors a year generating over 21 billion US dollars by 2015, boosting the services sector and reducing the role of manufacturing in the economy.

Many believe that Feng Shui (Geomancy) plays an important part in the design of casinos. Notice both Casinos have chosen the number 8 which is considered auspicious for their opening the hour. The superstitious type may want to read this very interesting article "Unveiling the Secret of Casinos" in the April issue of Prosper Times, sharing insights of "Feng Shui" in Casinos

Credit: Vincent Travel Journal

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