Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Resident Heron at West Coast Park

I have spotted this Grey Heron at the pond in West Coast Park on many occasions when I am there to meet my students (dog training) at the nearby dog run. It seems this Heron have made this place his home. The pond is heavily populated with fish, like Telapias and Carps. Smart bird this one. Meals are always ready right there when it needs to eat.

This place actually makes an ideal place for a family picnic. There are lots of nature to explore - plants, insects, birds and fish.Children will get a kick out of feeding the fishes in the pond. Often you'll see people playing with their remote controlled motor boats on Sundays or Public Holidays. And for dog owners the dog run is really a blessing for our beloved canine companions. Parking is not a problem. For those who are unfamiliar with West Coast Park, this is not where the McDonald's restaurant is situated. It's closer to the wholesale center. Turn left if you are coming down Clementi Road.


  1. i visit west coast park once in a while. my friend, a regular visitor to the park, told me about the resident heron but i have not been lucky so far.

  2. yg I was just there last Saturday and our feathered friend was there : )