Thursday, August 19, 2010

China Got Talent - China Talent Show 中國達人秀

America Got Talent, Britain Got Talent, and now China's Got Talent (China Talent Show 中國達人秀). And I am not at all surprise. I'll be surprise not to see greater or more talent from China. We've seen all the great sportsmen/sportswomen in the Beijing Olympics, the migration to other countries of these chinese talents in various fields and even now here in Singapore at the Youth Olympics Games, YOG 2010.

You'll be moved to tears watching this video. Liu Wei, 23, an armless, self-taught pianist from Beijing playing  “Mariage D’amour” in ”China’s Got Talent” competition. Using his toes, he played the piano to a stunned audience and impressed the judges. Liu lost both his arms at 10, in a freak accident after touching an electrical wire while playing hide and seek.

One judge was speechless and asked instead that he relate how he is able to master the piano in his condition. His reply  “I feel there can only be two paths for me in my life; one is to end my life swiftly and the other is to lead a wonderful life. Nobody stipulates that one can only play the piano by hand." On participating in the Chinese Talent Show, he said his objective is to be in the Top 3.


  1. Tinkle toes Liu Wei won China's Got Talent on Sunday!