Monday, May 03, 2010

Blogger and Youtube blocked in China

Oh dear, I was just on Skype with sister-in-law and found out that Blogs and Youtube are blocked in China due to the censorship of Google. Facebook and Twitter are also in the same boat. Fortunately still able to Skpye. It's rather disappointing as I was planning on probably daily updates of the trip with picture, videos and hopefully some decent "travel journalism". Is there such a term?? I have referred to some guides on the internet on writing travel blogs; it's about conveying the experience of all our senses - Sight, Sound Smell, Taste and Feel. Well may I say I am beginning to have a bitter taste..

Okay I am not going to let this affect the mood of our trip. We'll just focus on the many great Chinese culinary delights that await us in Shanghai. After all that's what Singaporean are well know for EAT : )

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  1. Someone care to share some "must try" Chinese/Shanghainese food.